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"I am on the SPELD NZ Board and am impressed with this year’s annual reports and the corrections that the auditors have done (we have changed to William Buck for our audit this year)"

Susan Moyle
Financial Administrator
Auckland North Community and Development Inc

"Once again, I would like to personally thank you and Colleen for your help throughout this Audit process your service is above and beyond expectations....really appreciated. And we look forward to working with you and your firm in the future. Couldn't praise the teams work enough. The service was above and beyond expected"

Westley Ranui-Bennett
Accounting Now

The seasoned audit team at William Buck has a well-rounded background of experienced auditors who also have strong knowledge and skills in business development, operational excellence and taxation. As such, our audit services are designed to go well beyond a sign-off of historical information, providing insights that help businesses and other entities succeed.

We offer great service at a competitive fee.

You benefit from:

  • Reduced compliance cost
  • Improved service levels - direct involvement of the Audit Director
  • Stable team for repeat visits
  • Experienced personnel completing your audit efficiently

At William Buck we use advanced audit technology and we achieve a 'paperless' audit. Technology allows us to reduce the time that was previously spent on various routine functions and enables us to extract and analyse data with a minimal amount of effort. As a result of this, we can concentrate our efforts on the business issues.

Through our Praxity alliance of professional accounting firms we have access to audit professionals in many countries around the world.

We are able to provide a range of additional audit services and skills suited to your organisation's particular needs.

Trust Audits
... for real estate agencies and solicitors.

Are you in compliance with your firm's trust account regulations and guidelines? Is the money set accounted for and controlled correctly?

Our team of auditors can provide you with the comfort that the Trust account is operating as required and appropriate controls are in place to safeguard the funds.

We tailor-make our trust work to specific procedures agreed with you in advance which relates directly to your Trust. We will provide you with recommendations on ways to improve, strengthen or even to 'right-size' your controlled environment.

Training can also be provided to those in your team charged with looking after trust accounts. We can provide advice on changes to trust account rules, regulations and guidelines and how they may affect your practice.

Early Childhood Centres
William Buck provides Audits for Ministry of Education purposes. Please contact us for details.


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